Marek Sułek
Is a Polish artist who works primarily in the urban space. He creates objects, sculptures and paintings. An author of the so-called Spheres of Unreal Reality. He is also noted for a cycle of ephemeral actions entitled Disposable Sculptures and Destruction=Creation.

The artist often touches upon the subject of the coexistence of nature and technology brought by the civilisation. His art combines elements of the artificial and natural world – for example plastic with biological material. In this way, startling and unusual mutations are created – pink trees, white potatoes, red stones or blue human bodies. Objects are given a new form exposed by the unnatural color. The actions created by Marek Sułek interfere with the surrounding space. They create the so-called Spheres of Unreal Reality – spaces where artistic elements influence perception. The Blue Tree among the ruins of the Sarajevo Olympic Park, the building-observatory near the ruins of WTC (Foley Square, Manhattan) and The Pink Tree near the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw are great examples of such spaces.

In 2010 Marek Sułek initiated a cycle of artworks connected to his childhood memory. Paper Boat – a floating sculpture on the Vistula river in Warsaw, A Shoal (in the Children’s Hospital in Warsaw) – composition made of 200 objects/fish, Boat Sculpture presented in Milano at the Expo 2015, an outdoor sculptural cycle within the space of Praga district in Warsaw – The City of Angels, Disposable Sculptures – Praga Koneser Center in Warsaw.

Marek Sułek (born 16 August 1963 in Tarnów) is a Polish multidisciplinary artist.

Graduated from The Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (under Prof. Jan Tarasin and Prof. Ryszard Winiarski) and from The Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam (both diplomas obtained in 1992). In the years 2000-2010 he was a lecturer at the European Academy of Photography in Warsaw.

Ever since completing his education, Marek Sułek is active at the European artscene creating projects such as the cycle of The Spheres of Unreal Reality, Destruction=Creation. His works were displayed intel alia in urban spaces of Amsterdam, Brussels, Berlin, Antwerp, The Hague, Sarajevo and in the number of Polish cities – Cracow, Gdańsk, Toruń, Warsaw.

Creator of a concept entitled Extraordinary Warsaw which consisted of a number of urban projects such as floating sculpture Paper Boat, Disposable Sculpture – Mariensztat, The Pink Tree near the Palace of Culture in Warsaw, Red on Grey – De Gaulle Roundabout and sculpture of a Little Refugee near the UN Roundabout.

Marek Sułek was nominated twice to represent Warsaw during the World Exposition – Expo 2000 in Hanower and Expo 2015 in Milan.

Years 2001-2004 were dedicated to the projects held in the city of New York. The most significant was a sculpture+action in the central part of the city The Piece of the Sky over Manhattan created with the collaboration of the Ministry of Culture, The Institute of the Polish Culture and the New York City.

Awarded The Artist of the Year 2011 by the Exit Magazine. Irish foundation of Saint Patrick gave him a grant for the creation of the project for the New Children’s Hospital in Warsaw (installation made of 200 sculptures). In 2018 he obtained the official scholarship from the City of Warsaw.