Solo expositions:

Journeys with sound, art installation, Multimedia Fountain Park in Warsaw, Poland

Sculptures for use, Koneser Center, Warszawa, Poland
Zone of colour – birds, city space, Warsaw, Poland
Destruction = Creation, Soho, Warsaw, Poland

Aquarium – Flying Rainbow, New Children Hospital, Warsaw, Poland
Building, Druga Strefa Theatre, Warsaw, Poland
Red on green, city space, De Gaulle Roundabout, Warsaw, Poland

One use sculptures, urban space, Druga Strefa Theatre, Warsaw, Poland

Boat, city space, Milano, at Expo 2015, Italy

Birds, action / installation, Warsaw, Poland
Silence Maker, sculpture / action, Warsaw, Poland
Boat, action on the Vistula River, Warsaw, Poland
Images, independent space Art4Biz, Warsaw, Poland
Stories, Kuratorium Gallery, Warsaw, Poland
Big Creation, city space with cooperation of Leroy Merlin, Warsaw, Poland

Red on green, city space, Festival M4, Mielec, Poland
Stories, independent space, Warsaw, Poland
The End and the hole trougothout, Instytut 116, Warsaw, Poland
Paintings, Mind Gallery, Warsaw, Poland
Big Destruction, United Solo Festival, city space, Syrena Theatre, Warsaw, Poland

Paintings and objects, Van den Berg Gallery, Warsaw, Poland
Mixer, Promocyjna Gallery, Exit Art Magazine, Warsaw, Poland

Destruction = Creation, city space, Łodz, Poland
Multisculpture of One Use, city space, Festival M4 Mielec, Poland
Mixing, city space/Manufaktura Center, Łodz, Poland

Never Ending Story, The Copernicus Science Centre, Warsaw, Poland
City of Angels, city space, Warsaw/Praga, Poland
Genetics, city space, The Copernicus Science Centre, Warsaw, Poland
Destruction, city space / Shipyard Gdansk, in cooperation with z Robert Wilson, Gdansk, Poland

Mickey/burke, 1500m do wynajęcia, Warsaw, Poland
On the water, city space, The Copernicus Science Centre, Warsaw, Poland

White swimming, city space (Vistula River), Warsaw, Poland
White and red, Koneser Center, Warsaw, Poland

Forty eight, Film Museum, Łodz, Poland
Forty eight, Palace of Culture and Science / Museum of Technic, Warsaw, Poland
9 month, Studio 13, Warsaw, Poland
Art creator, Fabs Gallery, Warsaw, Poland

Nes – come back, Fabs Gallery, Warsaw, Poland
Nes – cdn, Studio 13, Warsaw, Poland
Nes – the end, independent space, Warsaw, Poland
Nes – transformations, M25/Soho Factory, Warsaw, Poland

My sweet stories, Gallery 515 Aurory, New York, USA
Blue Multisculpture, Spaces Art Festival, city space, Warsaw, Poland
My sweet stories, WM Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Postcard from New York, city space, Toruń, Poland
Diana, Goethe Instytut, Warsaw, Poland

Yellow, white, blue, natural space, Dębki, Poland
Postcard from New York, city space, MPiK Gallery, Warsaw, Poland
Mix, BWA Gallery, Tarnów, Poland
Fotostories, Gallery 515 Aurory, New York, USA
Stories, Peter Muller Gallery, The Hague, Netherlands
Fotoplastikon, Fotoplasticon Museum, Warsaw, Poland
Transformations, city space / Miejska Gallery, Toruń, Poland
Transformations, city space / The Palace of Culture and Science, Warsaw, Poland

A Piece of Manhattan Sky, New York, USA
Multimixing, Aurora Gallery, New York, USA
Four Spaces, Nydai Gallery, New York, USA

The Object, city space, Toruń, Poland
Mixing, XX1 Gallery, Warsaw, Poland

In context of, Soma exposition space, Warsaw, Poland
Gallery of a piece of the sky, city space, Plac Konstytucji, Warsaw, Poland
Archive, City Gallery, Toruń, Poland
Four spaces, Brantenbjerg Gallery, Denmark
Blue on Rose, ATR New Media Gallery, Warsaw, Poland
The story of One Use Sculpture, industrial city space, Warsaw, Poland
Triptych, Contemporary Art Gallery of Rempex, Warsaw, Poland
Archives Y, Gallery of Rozmaitości Theatre, Warsaw, Poland

People 2000, Expo 2000, Hanover, Germany
Building, city space, The Old City, Warsaw, Poland
Sułek – retrospective, Zamek, Nidzica, Poland
Monumental Sculpture XL, International Festival, city space, Warsaw
In context of body 2, S – Author Gallery, Warsaw, Poland
Rose Millennium, The Palace of Culture, Warsaw, Poland

Monumental Sculpture XL 1, Cracow, Poland
One use sculpture + Blue collection, Film Festival, Gdynia, Poland
Dream of… XY, city space, Spuiplain, The Hague, Netherlands
In context of body, Schroder Gallery, The Hague, Netherlands
In context of nature, open space, Czubajowizna, Poland
The short story about blue, Studio Theatre, Warsaw, Poland
In context of water – in context of forest + Silence producer X1, international workshop, La Pommerie, France

The End of rose, city space, Warsaw, Poland
Dream of blue, city space, Warsaw, Poland
Three spaces, Polish Centre, Bruxelles, Belgium
Blue X 5, Gallery of Sculpture + Kuchnia Gallery, Warsaw, Poland

Retrospective, Aleksander Art & Culture Art Agency, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Blue X 3, Synagoga Cultural Centre, Delft, Netherlands
Sweemming installation X26, city space, Delft, Netherlands
Rose Tree – The End, city space, Warsaw, Poland
Fotoobrazy, Center for Contemporary Art., Sarajevo, Bosnia
Blue Tree for Sarajevo, Sarajevo Winter Festival 97, Bosnia
Blue Tree, city space, Szczecin, Poland

Rose Tree, city space, Warsaw, Poland
Blue X5, Apert Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Biological sculpture, open space, Petrykozy, Poland
Blue Tree, Rozdroża, Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art, Warsaw, Poland

Black to Blue, T.U. Gallery (for European Week), Eindhoven, Netherlands
Zone of dependances, Exposorium Gallery V.U., Amsterdam, Netherlands
Blue M, Schroder Gallery, The Hague, Netherlands

Andy is dead, Zderzak Gallery, Cracow, Poland
Back to nature 3, streets of Antwerp, EuroArt 94, Belgium
Back to nature 2, Nanky de Vreeze Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Zoidiogamia, Hof Huiser Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Iets Blauw, Het Paleis – National Museum, the Hague, Netherlands
Zone of light 2, Het Langhuis Gallery, Zwolle, Netherlands
Back to nature, DAP Gallery, Warsaw, Poland
Rose Tree, Collage Foundation, Kortenhoef, Netherlands
Zone of light, Kuchnia Gallery, Warsaw, Poland
Kind of blue, Apert Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Blue attacks, Collage Foundation, Kortenhoef, Netherlands
In context of architecture, Palace Mauritshuis, Willemstad, Netherlands
In context of white, Gallery of The Royal Conservatory, The Hague, Netherland
Paintings, Het Oude Station Gallery, Hauten, Netherland
Red on green, Old City, Fundation of Polish Culture, Warsaw, Poland
Flying blue, Studio Korte Leidse, Amsterdam, Netherland

Group expositions:

Sculpture Laboratory – ToTuart Art Gallery exhibition, Koneser Praga Center, Warsaw, Poland

Benches, city space, Warsaw, Poland

Globes, city space, Warsaw, Poland

Sculptures, Van den Berg Gallery, Art Fair Warsaw, Poland

Mixing, BWA Gallery, Szczecin, Poland

Stories, Art Fair, Poznan, Poland

Decentrists, City galleries in Ostrowiec, Warsaw, Poland and Reinhaim, Germany

The sculpture, Fabs Gallery, Warsaw, Poland

White on white, Nizio Gallery, Warsaw, Poland
Nudes, Rempex Gallery, Warsaw, Poland

Photos, Bezdomna Gallery, Warsaw, Gdańsk, Katowice

Bielska Jesień 2001, BWA Gallery, Bielsko-Biała, Poland
Aspects of bodies, Academia Gallery, Warsaw, Poland
Biennale of painting, Wozownia Gallery, Toruń, Poland

Drawings and objects, Schroder Gallery, The Hague, Netherlands

The bioobject, Szajna Center for Contemporary Art, Rzeszów, Poland

Blue X13, Studio Gallery, Warsaw, Poland
The figure in Polish sculpture, One Use Sculpture X4, Center for Polish Sculpture, Oronsko, Poland

Summer presentation, Schroder Gallery, The Hague, Netherlands
Blue X2, Trystero Gallery, Szczecin, Poland
Sculptures, International Art. Fair – Kunst-Rai 97, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Face of today, Schroder Gallery, The Hague, Netherlands
The Object, (with Apert Gallery), International Art. Fair ARCO 97, Madrid, Spain

My Gods, Schroder Gallery, The Hague, Netherlands
Applied Art., Schroder Gallery, The Hague, Netherlands
One-Use Sculpture – B X 1, Center for Contemporary Art, Pulchri Studio, The Hague, Netherlands

The zone, International Art Fair, Kunst-Rai 95, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Objects, Schroder Gallery, Netherlands

Light +, Ateliers Gallery, Driebergen, Netherlands

Bioinstalation, Maurits Van De Laar Gallery, The Hague, Netherlands
The story of the beautiful dying, Collage Foundation, Kortenhoef, Netherlands
Rozdroża, Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art, Warsaw, Poland
Homage to J. Beuys, Wewerka Gallery, Berlin, Germany (with works of Dokoupil, Castellano, Armando, Joseph Bouys, Andy Warhol)
Paintings, Nanky de Vreeze Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Building, Librije Hedendaagse Kunst Gallery, Zwolle, Netherlands

The last rose of summer 2, Wanda Reiff Gallery, Maastricht, Netherlands
Touching, Collage Foundation, International Workschop Kortenhoef, Netherlands
Amulets, Bloom Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands
The last rose of summer, homage to J. Beuys, Wanda Reiff Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands (with Joseph Beuys, Armando, Castellano, Dokoupil, Dwurnik)
H2O, Foundation of Polish Culture, Warsaw, Poland
In context of architecture, DAP Gallery, Warsaw, Poland
Ode to the light, Center For Contemporary Art, Pulchri Studio, The Hague, Netherlands (with Katase, Visch, Mostard, Saiz)


Grant of City of Warsaw, Poland

Grant of St. Patrick Foundation, Warsaw, Poland

Award of Exit – Art Magazine, Warsaw, Poland

Grant of Schroder Foundation, The Hague, Netherlands

Rewards for graduations of Art Academy in Warsaw and Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, Netherlands