Spheres of Unreal Reality

Amazing Praga 2022, art installation, Rondo Wiatraczna, Warsaw, Poland

Warszawska Łąka, instalacja artystyczna, Fontanny Podzamcze, Warszawa, Polska

Barometer of happiness, Koneser Center, Warsaw 2021

Flying Colours, Warsaw, 2020

Sculpture Flower, Koneser Center, Warsaw, 2020

Paper Boat, open space – beach, Warsaw 2020

Zone of color – Birds, Warsaw, 2017

Everyday use sculptures, Koneser Center, Warsaw, 2017

Red on greey, Charles de Gaulle Roundabout, (former communist government centre), Warsaw 2017

Building, Teatr Druga Strefa, Warsaw, 2017

Glue-ty, Teatr Druga Strefa, Warsaw, 2016

Aquarium, Children’s Hospital, Warsaw, 2016

Kompozycja złożona z 200 wiszących rzeźb.

Boat, Expo Milan, Italy, 2015

Blue Boat, Vistula, Warsaw, 2015

Goldfish, Vistula, Warsaw, 2014

Boat, Vistula, Warsaw, 2014

Mixer 2, Conference Centre, Warsaw, 2014

Object – The End, Mielec, Festival M4, Poland, 2014

Red on Green, Mielec, Festival M4, Poland 2013

Mixer, Promocyjna Gallery, Warsaw, 2011

Wystawa w związku z przyznaniem nagrody czasopisma Exit.

Greetings from Lodz, Manufactura Center, Lodz, Poland 2011

City of Angels, Warsaw Praga, Poland, 2010

White Cube, Gdansk, Poland, 2010

Object – styrofoam 3mx3mx3m. The action of drilling of the tunnel realized with cooperation of Robert Wilson and Europen Center of Solidarity.

Never ending story, Copernicus Science Centre, Warsaw, 2009

On the water, Copernicus Science Centre, Warsaw, 2009

White on the water, Vistula, Warsaw, 2007

Fleeing Blue, mobile composition, Warsaw, 2005

Building, A piece of the sky over Manhattan, New York, 2003

Object created on the 2nd anniversary of the attacks on the WTC, place for contemplation.

One Use Sculpture, Mariensztat, Warsaw, 2002

Gallery of piece of the sky, Torun, Poland, 2002

One Use Sculpture, natural environment, Gallery Brantenbjerg, Denmark, 2001

Gallery of a piece of the sky, Warsaw, 2001

Rose Millenium, Pallace of Culture, Warsaw, 2000/2001

Polish, Hanover Expo 2000, Germany

Seating Object, with cooperation of Festival Sztuka Ulicy, Warsaw, 2001

In cooperation with the Street Art Festival.

Object, Cracow, Poland, 2000

Sculpture made for European Cultural Capital – Cracow 2000.

One Use Sculpture, natural environment, Poland, 1999

Forest, La Pomerie, natural environment, France, 1999

Water, La Pomerie, France, 1999

Tree spaces, Bruxelles, 1998

Blue Tree, Sarajevo, Bosnia, 1997

In ruins of Park of the Culture, with cooperation of Sarayevo Winter Festival. And at the centre of the city (next to Sniper Alley).

Blue Tree, Szczecin, Poland, 1997

Installation 26, Delft, Netherlands, 1997

Rose Tree – The End, Warsaw, 1997

Rose Tree, natural environment, Poland, 1996

Rose Tree, Warsaw, 1996/1997

Blue Tree, Center for Modern Art (CSW), Warsaw, 1995

Blue Tree – VU, Galeria Exposorium, Amsterdam, 1995

Biosculpture, Hoff&Huyser Gallery, Brouwersgracht Amsterdam, 1994

Blue, Antverp, Belgium, 1994

A ton of blue potatoes on the streets of historical centre.

One Use Sculpture, Delft, Netherlands, 1994

The object made by plaster, paint an body – presented one hour on the street of Delft.

Object – Zwolle, Netherlands, 1994

Last Rose of summer, W. Reiff Gallery, Amsterdam, 1993

Homage to Joseph Beuys. With works of i.a. Armando, Castellano, Dokoupil, Warhol, Beuys, Katase, Claessen.

Blue Tree, Apert Gallery, Amsterdam, 1993

Its Blauw, Museum of Modern Art Het Paleis, The Hague, Netherlands

A ton of blue potatoes + changing composition made of geometric, plastic objects.

Rose tree – Kortenhoef, Netherlands, 1993

Flying blue – Studio Korte Leidse, Amsterdam

The Installation composed with a few hundred of blue potatoes – growing during exposition.

Blue attacks – Kortenhoef, Collage Foundation, Netherlands 1992

Object – Warsaw, Academy of Fine Arts, 1992

Clay dries. Sculpture change itself – wet mass is drying up, cracks, changing colours.

Biosculpture – Warsaw, Academy of Fine Arts, Czapki Palace, 1992

One of the first objects joining biology and plastic (potatoes painted by blue acryl).

Zone – Warsaw, Old Town, 1992

in cooperation with the Polish Culture Foundation

Objects – Warsaw, Old Town, 1991

in cooperation with the Polish Culture Foundation

Red on Green, Warsaw, Poland, 1991

First, official realization in the city space – composition created by hundreds of red plaster objects on the meadow of Old City.